Facial Aesthetic Treatments

We are delighted to have Dr Baljit Kalsi in our team to offer Facial Aesthetic treatments including Botox.

Dr Baljit Kalsi MBChB BSc (Hons), MRCGP

Dr Baljit Kalsi MBChB BSc (Hons), MRCGP

Dr Baljit graduated from The University of Edinburgh and is currently a GP at Queens Medical Centre where he has worked for the past 23 years.
"I am very excited to be expanding my practice further and working with the professional team at Pure Dental Centre.

Having practised aesthetic medicine for a number of years, I believe that there is a real sense of artistry and skill involved with my work. This has taken many years of experience to perfect. I aim for a natural and subtle look to compliment my patients’ natural beauty, giving them a fresher look whether through dermal fillers or wrinkle reduction.

I find this work hugely rewarding, seeing the difference it makes to a patient’s confidence and how much happier they can feel within themselves after treatment."

Dr Kalsi is an accredited practitioner with Save Face.  He uses Botox and Teoxane products.

Appointments with Baljit are available on Wednesday mornings.
Consultations are free of cost with no obligation to pursue treatment.  

To find out more or to book your consultation simply contact Pure Dental Centre


dermal fillers (Hyaluronic Acid)

Dermal fillers are used to correct or enhance facial contours: cheeks, temples, jawline, nose, chin.  They define, correct or enhance lips and soften and correct facial wrinkles or folds.  They can be used to improve the tone, texture and hydration of the skin.  


wrinkle reduction

Whenever you laugh, frown or squint, your facial muscles contract and your skin creases.  As you get older your skin loses its elasticity and those creases deepen.  Frown lines, forehead lines and so called ‘crows feet’ can make you look tired.  By temporarily relaxing these muscles, this treatmment can smooth those lines, restoring a more youthful appearance.